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Gangster Chic Fèminine Holy Grail
Gangster Chic Fèminine Holy Grail
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Gangster Chic Fèminine Holy Grail

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All natural vegetal capsules. 690 mg 90 Capsules

ALCHÉMILLE contains an inexhaustible source of bioactive compounds which have been used since ancient times for treatment of female discomforts & diseases. It naturally contains: 6-8% tannins (partly gallotannins), ellagitannins (pedunculagin, the dimeric alchemillin), flavonoids (quercetin 3-O-b-D-glucuronide has been identified). No gums, thickeners, nor gelatins added. No Bleaching.

Alchemilla vulgaris, an aggregate species, commonly known as Lady's mantle or lion's foot, is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the rose family (Rosaceae). In the past, it was considered a magical plant and the dew from Lady’s Mantle was believed to be a part of the magical substance called the philosopher’s stone. The alchemists thought that water droplets collected from the leaves may turn some metals into gold and cure any disease. Hence, its Latin name – Alchemilla vulgaris – indicates its use in alchemy and vulgaris means common and refers to its ubiquitous nature.

FEMININE HOLY GRAIL grows in wet fields, in the mountains and forests. This powerful Herb has many medicinal uses. The root and leaves of the plant are harvested in midsummer. In traditional herbal medicine it has been used for all manner of women’s problems including; menstrual issues, menstrual cramps, hormonal imbalances and to strengthen the uterus. It was also used as a wound healer and as a remedy for various gastrointestinal issues. It is often called a “woman’s herb” because it treats some women’s diseases. The leaves are used to relieve menopausal symptoms (such as hot flashes and night sweats), menstrual problems (it regulates menstrual flow and relieves the pain). In some cases of endometriosis which results in excessive bleeding, Alchémille can tone and dries the womb.

FÉMININE HOLY GRAIL* contains astringents and tannins which have many health benefits. It can be used in healing wounds (some say even wounds infected with gangrene), it also helps in skin problems such as rashes, acne, cuts. Lady’s Mantle treats bite and stings from insects. All thanks to its drying effect on tissues. Lady’s Mantle benefits also include treating swelling and inflammation, digestive problems, mild diarrhoea. An ancient remedy you can rely on today: Open a few capsules of FSG*, put it an an organza sachet or a gauze and place it under the pillow to promote better sleep.

You can also make a poultice with the content of the capsules for treating ulcers and cellulite.

Our capsules respect our planet and your gut health, as well as our packaging which we have developed to be ECO-RESPONSIBLE PACKAGING that is more respectful of the environment, as well as non-endocrine disrupting ( from the ink and glue used for labelling as well as the High Clinical Grade reusable PET bottle made in Austria).
Our formula is based on a rigorous selection of the purest most potent botanics making our ALCHÉMILLE one of the highest dosage of the healing plant available on the market.

It is vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, stearate-free, starch-free, lactose-free and excipient-free.


INSTRUCTIONS: Take 3 capsules per day with a large glass of water -- there is not particular time to take. Our potent and pure formula can be taken for a period of 1 to 3 months. You can halt taking it after one month if you are feeling optimal results with your health.

FORMULATED & MADE IN FRANCE by Certified Herbalists

FRENCH EXPERTISE & PREMIUM SOURCING FROM EUROPE'S BIOACTIVE GROUNDS: Harvested, Grown in The BALKAN region, our Féminine Holy Grail is Prepared by our Certified herbalists in Grasse France. Our herbalists rely on a committee of 5 recognized experts & physiologists in the fields of medicine, research and traceability. Our ALCHÉMILLE ISO 22000, HACCP and BPF certified.

FÉMININE HOLY GRAIL Alchémille is considered safe for most people. However, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and those taking medication must consult with their doctor before taking it. Patients going thru fertility treatment or recovering from a hormone-related cancer should not use FÉMININE HOLY GRAIL without being under medical supervision. Féminine Holy Grail is not a medical treatment, and does not substitute medical treatment.